Useful Information for Civil Engineers


Hello Friends, In this video lecture I will discuss about some useful information for civil engineers, which is too much important to learn. so Let’s get start.

Some Useful Information for Civil Engineers:

1: Lapping length of tension member is 40D            where D is dia of steel which are using in tension member.

2: Lapping length of compression member is 50D     where D is dia of steel which are using in compression member.

3: Concrete should be not fall more than 1.5 meter

4: Weight of one meter steel formula is D2 / 162    so it will give us the   weight in kg/m    but D should be in mm

5: Density of cement is 1440kg/ cu.m

6: Volume of One bag cement is 0.0347 cu.m         which is 50kg


7: Volume of one bag cement is 1.25 cft                  which is 50kg

8: Maximum water absorption by bricks – 15%

9: Compressive strength of bricks is  3.5 N/mm2

10: Density Of Bricks is from 1600 to1920 Kg/m3


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Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai


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