Types of paint use in building construction

In this article I will discuss you in detail the types of paint and their used in building construction works. after reading this article we will be able to know types of paints and their use in building.


There are many types of paint which are using in the building construction. which protect the different structure surface against of wreathing impact , and also paint make the surface water proof .Good paint can increase the structure surface durability and also increase the life of structure. these are types of places to paint on which are given.

Types of places to paint.

  1. Exterior wall
  2. Interior wall surface
  3. Metal
  4. Wood surface


1: Exterior wall:

the exterior paint should be weather resisting capability. but we can the paint with the base of oil or water. but the oil based is not suitable for the exterior painting. we have different types of paint for exterior walls.

  1. cement paint
  2. textural plaster

Cement paint : In cement paint making we used the water and it has a good result in finishing of construction building and this cement is good capability against the weather.

Textural plaster : Textural plaster is the emulsion based paint. and it his the too much capability of weathering. and this textural plaster paint is better from the cement paint. we used water of making textural plaster.

1.Interior wall:

we used the paint to interior wall because it can increase the visual appeal and keep the good smoothness of wall surface. Than the rooms or other interior wall become attractive and also waterproof. we use the following types of paint for interior wall.

1: plastic paint

2: Distemper

Plastic paint :the spastic paint is used in the interior walls. and it is water base paint , its also called plastic emulsion paint. when we used the plastic paint for the interior wall than we will able to wash the wall, and this is the good point in plastic paint. it can be clean very easily. and its available in the market. This paint is used for in many construction buildings.

Distemper: Distemper is also on base of water. and it make the walls water proof, and it usually used for the bricks wall for white washing. But its generally applied on the plaster wall or concrete blocks.


The enamel paint is used for metal. and this is oil base paint. which is more capability against weathering. therefore the enamel is used for the metal surface in construction of building. this paint (enamel) is keep the more long life to the metal. therefore its user are a lot of in construction community.

3.Wood surface paint:

In past traditional time the wood paint was varnish. and now a days we cant use the varnish for painting of wood. because it does not have capability against the wreathing . but in now a days the there are a lot of modern types of varnish like melamine and plyurethane are used for the wood surface finishing. so the melamine varnish is too much better varnish and its also the against of weathering and waterproof. and the use of melamine varnish is a lot of and it available in the market.



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