How to take 90 Degree angle for Building Layout at Site

How to take 90 Degree angle for Building Layout

In this video lecture today I will teach you the very important point in building lay-outing. How we can take the 90 degree angle in building layout so after reading this article you will be able to know how to take 90 degree angle during layout at site.

In many projects many students can become the face of this problem that they are not able to take 90 angle for building or room layout at site. and keep in your mind that we must take any corner of the building on 90 degree so after that our work will be fine from that.

So the given formula which I am showing you now , this is the manual formula which you can do with the help of measurment tap.

Formula to take 90 Degree:


3 and 4 = 5

Here we have to take one side 3 meter or feet and 2nd side 4

so the other side should be measure 5 meter than it will give us 90 degree angle.

See the following image

 Image source

Or See 


Note : the above formula we can not use for level machine or any other electronic machine it just used for manual work and we can complete our lay-outing with 90 degree angle with the help of measurement tap

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Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai


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