Why Super Elevation Provide in road? Advantages of Super Elevation

Hello Friends, In this article I will discuss that why super elevation provide in road. and its advantage, lets get start.

What is Super Elevation in Road?

Super-elevation we can define that the outer edge of the road is raised above the inner edge so that Raised Height of road  is called super-elevation or banking of road.

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Advantages of Superelevation

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1. It facilitates moving of vehicle at high speed on a curved path as on a straight path devoid of any risk of overturning and thus results into elevated volume of traffic.
2. It offers allocation of load on wheels comparatively and therefore consistent stress is provided on the foundation which induces less wear on wheel tyres and springs along with the fewer maintenance cost of the road.
3. It also facilitates to retain the vehicles to the right side on the pavement and thus stops collision of vehicles passing opposite directions on a curved portion of the road.

4. It affords drainage of the whole width of road for the internal side. So, it is not necessary to arrange side drain on the external side of the road.

Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai

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