How to study Civil Engineering Drawing


How to study Civil Engineering Drawing

Some useful tips to read civil engineering drawings efficiently

In this video Lecture I am going to show you how to study civil engineering drawing in detail

so after watching this video you are able to know the drawing study in civil engineering. Because every engineering should be know the drawing study in detail so after that they are able to start their work. if any site engineer is not able to study the drawing so he can’t start the work because without study drawing you are not able to work for any project.

Here in this drawing there are 8 column but the column size are change in each row therefore we should keep in mind all those points which are clearly tell us about any building. because we can complete our work with the help of drawing. so it mean we have to study the drawing carefully and than we have to start our work for any project which we have to start.

For more detail watch the following video of my Channel:

Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai

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