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Hello friends, In this article today I will teach you what is bearing capacity of soil and safe bearing capacity of soil, and also we will discuss the minimum bearing capacity for different types of soil. so lets get start.

Bearing Capacity of Soil

The capacity of soil that supports the structure load, and transfer into the ground without any shear failure or settlement.

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Safe Bearing capacity for Different types of soil


(kN/m2) (kg/cm2)
1 Hard rock for example granite, 3300 33
2 Laminated rocks, for example sand stone and lime stone in sound condition 1650 16.5
3 bed rock and hard shale, cemented material 900 9
4 Soft rock , compacted gravel or fine sand 450 4.5
5 Fine sand, silt (dry lumps easily pulverized by fingers) 150 1.5
6 Medium sand, compact and dry 250 2.5
7 Loose gravel or sand gravel mixture; loose coarse to medium sand, dry. 250 2.5
8 Fine sand, loose and dry 100 1
9 Gravel, sand and gravel mixture, and high compacted when excavated by tools. 450 4.5
10 Coarse sand, compact and dry (with ground water level at a depth greater than width of foundation. 450 4.5

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Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai

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