Rebar / reinforcement details of beam and Slab

Hello friends, In this article today I will teach you Rebar / reinforcement detail of beam and slab , Let’s get start.

Reinforcement details of beam and Slab

Main straight bars: These bars are placed in tension zone. In simply supported beams the main bars placed at bottom and in case of cantilever beam these bars are placed at top.

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Main cranked bars: These are also main bars but the bar is cranked at 45 degrees. The main function of these bar is to eliminate shear in beams.

Hanger bars: These bars are used for just support the stirrups. These bars are placed opposite to main bars.

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Stirrups: These are in shape of rectangular or square according to shape of structure . The main function of the stirrups is to hold all the bars together and also reduces the shear.

Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai

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