what is Raft foundation ( Mat Foundation ) Advantages and Disadvantages of Raft Foundation

In this article today I will teach you some that what is raft foundation many students they face the problem about Raft Foundation so therefore its too much important to know about Raft Foundation ( Mat foundation)

What is Raft Foundation:

First know that Raft Foundation is the types of shallow foundation

Remember that Raft Foundation is also called Mat Foundation , So raft foundation is a thickness slab which can construction from Reinforcement concrete with steel . therefore the slab is spread under the building for total area by which we design the building. And its not required to make wall foundation so here we dig the full area for the building which is in given picture you can see.

Why we Use Raft Foundation:

Raft Foundation are used for commercial building where we can get high strength for any construction building. And this foundation we can design for those building , where the bearing capacity is too much low. if the bearing capacity of soil is high so there we should not make Raft foundation

Raft foundation make the bearing capacity increase so in that case we have to provide the raft foundation for any building to make at settle .

Advantages of Raft Foundation: 

1: Raft foundation is too much better from other foundations

2: Raft foundation required less excavation.

3: Raft foundation is increase the life time of building.

4: Its increase the bearing capacity of soil.

Disadvantages of Raft Foundation:

1: Its take many time from other foundations

2: this foundation is too much expensive.

3: this foundation we can not make for normal building

4: we can not repair this foundation


In Raft foundation inverted main beam and secondary beams to be used to carry the loads on the slab which we provide in the raft foundation, And here in Raft foundation both beams should be monolathic with raft foundation.

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written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai



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