Points to Remember for Civil Site Engineer

 Points to Remember for Civil Site Engineer

Few general points for the civil engineer to remember to make the construction work easy and hence maintaining the quality of the work, done on the site:

  • 36mm is the maximum diameter of the bars used for lapping. Bars having more than this diameter are not allowed.
  • Maximum chair spacing is 1m and the minimum diameter used for these bars is 12mm.
  • Minimum diameter used for dowels bars is 12mm.
  • Longitudinal reinforcement should not be less than 0.8% of gross area of cross section and not be more than 6% of the same.
  • Minimum number of bars used for square columns is 4 and that of a circle is 6.
  • The main bars used in the slabs should not be less than 8mm when HYSD bars are used and 10mm when plain bars are used.

  • The distribution bars in slabs should not less than 8mm and not more than 1/8 of slab thickness.
  • Minimum thickness of slab is 125mm.
  • Maximum free fall of concrete is allowed to 1.50m.
  • Lap slices not be employed for bars greater than 36 mm.
  • PH value of the water should not be less than 6.
  • Compressive strength of Bricks is 3.5 N/mm2
  • Water absorption of bricks should not be more than 15 %.
  • Binding wire required in steel reinforcement is 8 kg per MT.
  • As per IS code, 3 samples should be taken for core cutting test for every 100m2in soil filling

 Density of Materials

  • Bricks                          : 1600-1920kg/m3
  • Concrete block          : 1920kg/m3
  • Reinforced concrete : 2310-2700kg/m3

 De-Shuttering time of different RCC Members

  • For columns                            : 16-24 hrs.
  • Soffit formwork to slabs       : 3days
  • Soffit to beams props            : 7days
  • Beams spanning upto 4.5m : 7days

 Cube samples required for different quantity of concrete

  • 1-5m3                 : 1 sample
  • 6-15m3             : 2samples
  • 16-30m3           : 3samples
  • 31-50m3          : 4samples
  • Above 50 m3  : 4samples  plus 1sample(addition of each 50m3)


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