How to Improve Bearing Capacity of Soil?

1: Increase Depth of Foundation:

when we increase the depth of foundation , than foundation can support the high load or pressure. Because increasing depth of foundation can make more bearing capacity of soil. when the soil is sandy so on that time we have to increase the bearing capacity of soil. with increasing depth of foundation weigh and cost of foundation also increasing.

2: Compacting of Soil : 

when we compact the soil, so its also increase the bearing capacity of soil. Because with compacting of soil can also increase the density and shear strength. the soil can compacting by the spreading of broken stones and also we can use the roller on the soil to compact the soil.

3: Replacing Poor Soil : 

To improve bearing capacity of soil so this is also the method to removed the old soil than fillet up the soil with good materials like and stone and gravel  to improve the bearing capacity of soil. in this method we remove the old soil from 1 m to 1.5 meter depth.

4: Using Grouting materials :

when any soil his pores or cracks so there we use this method. with this method we can injecting the cement grout with full pressure to fill the pores and cracks to improve the bearing capacity of soil.

5: chemical stabilization of soil

In this method we can improve the bearing capacity of soil with the help of chemical solution where we use in the chemical soda and calcium chloride to inject the chemical with full pressure into the soil. so this method is called chemical stabilization of soil.

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Written By : Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai



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