How to Improve Bearing Capacity of Soil?


Dear Friends, In this video lecture I am going to show you some useful method which can improve the bearing capacity of soil. these method are very useful when we want to improve low bearing capacity of soil, so let’s get start,

How to Improve Bearing capacity of Soil?

Given are useful  method which can improve the bearing capacity of soil.


  1. Increasing depth of foundation
  2. Draining the soil
  3. Compacting the soil
  4. Replacing the poor soil
  5. Stabilizing the soil with chemicals
Increasing Depth of Foundation

When we increase the depth of foundation it result is improve the baring capacity of soil, Because soil is more hard at the deppr depth and this method is applicable for sandy and gravelly soil.

Draining of soil

If you want to improve bearing capacity of soil than we have to darning the water fro water surface, because when the water is presence in the soil so it can reduce 50% of strength of soil.

Compacting the Soil

when we compact the soil so it can also increase the baring capacity of soil. Because proper compacting can increase the density and shear strength.

Replacing of Poor Soil

In this method we first remove the soil which has low baring capacity and after what we replace the hard materials like crush stone and some other hard materials to improve the baring capacity of soil.

Stabilizing chemical on soil

In this method of improving bearing capacity of soil is costly and applied in exceptional cases. In this method, chemical solutions, like silicates of soda and calcium chloride is injected with pressure into the soil.

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written by : Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai


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