Important Guidelines for Column Shuttering

Hello friends, In this article I will discuss some useful guidelines for column shuttering, Many students they don’t know column shuttering guidelines during fixing of it. Let’s get start.

Important Guidelines for Column Shuttering

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1: Before fixing shutting for column we have to apply oil or grease in the inner surface of plywood sheet or steel sheet.

2: Column shuttering should be properly aligned vertical with 90 degree to the earth.

3: If we apply oil on inner surface of column shutting its can remove very easily after closing work.

4: Plywood joints should be sealed with plaster otherwise it can be leakage.

5: Concrete should be filling the fomwork vertically during concreting.

6: After fishing concrete work, the formwork ( shuttering) should be not damage.

7: internal size of concrete column should be keep with clear dimension.

8: The column shuttering should be remove after 24 hrs.

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Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai


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