How to calculate the concrete quantity of a trapezoidal footing?

Hello friends, in this article today I will teach you how to find the volume of trapezoidal shape and also its quantity of trapezoidal footing

First, We have to calculate the below rectangular part separated by the dotted line (refer the diagram), using rectangular area formula.

  1. For rectangular, the Area = A x B
  2. For Square, the Area = A(assuming A=B)


Trapezoidal Footing Formula with drawing

Trapezoidal Footing Volume, 

V = h/3 (A1+A2+√(A1 x A2))

Where, h – Height of trapezoidal (refer the diagram)

A1 – Area of the lower shape

A2 – Area of the upper shape

 Trapezoidal Footing Volume – Example Calculation

Let’s take this example and solve,


We know the formula,

Here, we have assumed square footing,

V = h/3 (A1+A2+√(A1 x A2))

{ Where, A1 = 1.6 x 1.6 = 2.56 m; A2 = 0.8 x 0.8 = 0.64 m2 }

= 0.3/3 ( 2.56 + 0.64 + √(2.56 x 0.64))

V = 0.448 m3

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