Grade of Concrete and their Ratio


In this Video Lecture today I will teach you about the Grade of concrete and their ratio, which is too much important for civil engineers.

What is Grade of Concrete:

Grade of Concrete is the base of strength and we have different grade of Concrete which are given below.







Here M stands for Mix and Number is the minimum compressive strength of concrete after 28 day which is direct compressive test.

Grade of Concrete and Their Ratio:

Grade of Concrete                             Mix Ratio

M10                                                       1: 3: 6

M15                                                       1: 2 : 4

M20                                                       1 : 1.5 : 3

M25                                                       1 : 1 : 2

M30                                                     Base on Mix Design

M35                                                     Base on Mix Design



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For more Detail Watch my given video:




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