Difference between Plastering and Pointing

In this article I am going to show you that what is Different between Plastering and Pointing. Because many student do not that what is plastering and pointing.

After Reading this article you will be able that what is plastering and pointing.

I have also made a video lecture that, What is the different b/w Plastering and pointing.


What is plastering?

In civil engineering construction plaster is the process of covering the rough wall OR make the wall surface smooth.

but now a days in advance technology we able to use the different materials to make the wall surface smooth and attractive. And plaster Mortar is obtain from cement  or Lime , Sand and water. We use the different ratio for plaster Like 1: 2 . 1:4 , 1:5 and 1:6 etc. Here 1 means Cement and 2 Mean Sand.


we have to keep the 1:3 ratio for plastering, because it is the standard ratio to give us the good quality for plastering construction. Therefor we have to use the standard ratio.

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What is pointing?

Instead of plastering we do the pointing for bricks masonry wall. For pointing we make the special mortar to exposed the joints of the wall. And the pointing can cover the joints from depth of 10mm to 20mm and filling it with richer mortar mix. We can use the different ratio for pointing of mortar like 1:2 or 1:3 etc. Pointing is just use to cover the space between two bricks. And that should be filled the the mortar gun with pressure than it will give us the good result of pointing. pointing we do on that time when we don’t want to do plaster, if we want to do plaster to wall than pointing is not requred. Becuase the plastering is already can filled the pointing place during plastering construction . therefore the pointing should be done for the simple wall. But most of the people do the pointing for wall at external side the wall that is why they do not plaster the external wall side. and for internal wall surface we have to used plastering.

Different between Plastering & Pointing:



1:Plastering is used to protect the exposed surface of the masonry.

2: Cement, sand and lime are used in plastering.

3: The plastering is done at both sides of surface (both inside and outside).

4: In plastering work, we use the large amount of materials.

5:After the plastering, the defects of the masonry are not visible.

6: When we plaster the wall, after the plastering work.


1: However, in pointing only joints are properly filled with mortar.

2:In pointing, we use just cement mortar.

3:Pointing is done only at the outer side of the wall.

4:In pointing, we use less amount of mortar.

5:After the pointing, the surface does not become smooth and plain.

6:After pointing, the defects of masonry can be seen.


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