Design of Stair with full Concept in Autocad

Hello friends, Many students the are not able design ( draw ) the staircase with full concept , so today in this video lecture you are able to learn how to draw the staircase with full concept, Lets get start.

Stair Design Data :

Running Length of Stair = 4.5 meter

Wide of Staircase = 2 meter

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Side wall thickness = 23 cm = .023 meter

Height of Riser = R = 15 cm = 0.15 meter

Wide of Trade  = 25 cm = 0.25 meter

With the above data we can design ( draw ) the staircase in auto-cad so may be it will help you. for watching practical video watch the given video

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Video made by : Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai

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