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Today in this article I will discuss with you, that how to design staircase in detail. After reading this article you will be able to know that how much we can take the Dimension of Tread , Riser , Angle , Running Distance etc.

Type of Staircase

  1. Straight Stairs.
  2. Straight Stair with central landing.
  3. Library Ladder.
  4. L Shape staircase
  5. L Shaped Winder Stairs.
  6. Spiral Stairs.
  7. Curved Staircase.
  8. Circular Staircase etc.

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We have different types of staircase, but in this article we used different formulas to find out the nos of riser , No’s or Tread etc. But these formulas are use for the each type staircase. So keep in your mind these all formulas to design the comfortable staircase in building construction . Because the staircase is the main common thing in the building construction.

Design of Staircase

Stair Riser Height should be = R = maximum 7 inch = 178 mm  and minimum 4 inch =  102 mm

Staircase Tread width  = T = minimum 10 inches (254 mm) and maximum 14 inch = 12 inch.


To find number of riser Use given formula :

No’s of riser = Total Height of Flight / Height of Riser

To find out number of riser use given formula:

No’s of Treads = Total No’s of Riser – 1

the easy and suitable staircase should be design with 25 to 29 degree .

Let’s Design Now:

Given data :

Height of riser = 7 inch  = 0.5833 ft

Width of Tread = 11 inch = 0.9166 ft

Height of flight  = 10 ft

Solution :

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No’s Riser = Height of flight / height of tread  = 10 /  0.5833 = 17 No’s

No’s of Tread = Total no’s of tread – 1  = 17 – 1  = 16 No’s

Now to find out running length  = width of tread x No’s of Tread = 0.9166 x 16 = 14.66 ft

this problem is just the example that how to design the staircase but this is special for Architecture. if the architecture want to draw the staircase, so they are able to use the above formulas to complete his work in Auto cad. Because this is too much important without these formula the architect is not able to draw or design the comfortable staircase in building construction. This is the easy way and complete process to design the suitable staircase for any project construction. But use the same formulas for all types of staircase if you want to our no’s of Riser or Tread but the angle can be change with the types of staircase.

Image from my You Tube channel : Civil Engineers

For any types of staircase we have to design the easy staircase, Because the staircase should be design with their requirements. For example if we design the staircase for the hospital so there we have to design the easy staircase to give facilities to the patient. In hospital staircase we have to keep the Riser height minimum, Because in hospital there are many patient and they are not able to up by the maximum height of riser. It mean we have to also keep the angle less, so there we need the angle from 20 degree to 20 degree.

Note : The above formulas are used to find out the no’s or riser and tread and also we can find out the angle , running length etc. if you need the practical video for this Article than i have put the link of my You Tube channel in the above link.

written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai

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