How to Check Good Quality Of Cement at Site


In this Article today I will teach you the Good Quality of Cement at site , that how we can check the good quality of Cement.

In civil Engineering Construction work cement his Important role in any construction works. because the any building or structure can be depend on the cement type, so therefore we should check the quality of cement before starting our construction.

I have already discuses in the previous  Article Types of Cement Used in construction work.


Here we have some Test to find the Good Quality of Cement at site

1: date of Paking

2: Rubbing Test

3: Float Test

4: Temperature Test

5: Strength Test

6: Lump Test

7: Color of Cement


1: Date of Packing :

When we use any type of cement for construction works so first of all we have to check the manufacturing date of cement , Because the cement should be used before 90 days from the date of packing .


2: Rubbing Test : 

We should get the punch of cement with finger and the cement should be rubbing between the finger, so that time the cement should be feel smooth.

3: Float Test : 

For float test we have to put some amount of cement in the glass or other box, so the cement should be float for sometime before its sitting .

4: Temperature Test

Temperature test we can find very easily , first we pick some cement from the cement bag . so that cement should give us cool feeling than it will be the good cement.

Simply insert your hand into the cement bag, it should give cool feeling if its quality is good. Otherwise, you may feel warm because of hydration reaction.

5: Strength Test

Prepare a cement block of 25 mm x 25 mm and 200 mm in length. Now submerge it in water for 7 days. Now place it on supports 15 cm apart and load it with 34 kg weight. Block made from good cement will not show any signs of failure.

6: Check for Lump Test

The lumps should be not present in the cement . and the lumps can come in the cement due to absorption of climate.

7: Color of Cement

The cement color should be uniform gray color with  with greenish shad.

By Sami Ullah Stanikzai.



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