How to Calculate No’s of Bars for Beam , Column and Slab


Hello Friends, In this article I will discuss that how to Calculate No’s steel bars for beam and column and slab, Many students they have question how to select the correct no’s of bars for RCC structure, So lets get start.

How to Calculate No’s of Steel Bar for Beam and Slab

To find No’s of steel use the given tips

  1. First Calculate depth of NA ( Natural Axis ) of Beam or Slab
  2. We need to Calculate Moment of resistance of the section,
  3. After all data calculation we have to Calculate the Area of Steel required for beam or slab.
  4. Select a suitable Bar Diameter for beam or Slab.
  5. Than Divide the Area of Steel to area of One Bar you will get the No’s of steel bars which we required.

How to Calculate No’s of Steel Bar for Column

  1. First we need to assume an percentage of steel as per IS456:2000.
  2. use the steel percentage for column from per IS456:2000 and Gross area of column in Load formula.
  3. Determine the permissible stress in steel in compression.
  4. Find the  Area of Steel required for column.
  5. To find the No’s of steel bars for column  = (area of steel÷area of a single bar)

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Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai

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