Why Bars are Bent in Slab near at Support | why Bent Up bars provide in slab|

Hello friends , In this article to day I will discuss topic that Why Steel Bars are bent in slab near at supports, so many students they have this question, so today I will clear this point that why we bent bar in slab near at supports, Let’s get start.

Why Steel Bars are Bent in Slab Near at Supports.

Remember that Steel bars should be bent near at support in slab at the angle of 45 degree.

Bars are Bend near at support to

1: To resist shear force , because shear force si greater at the supports.

2: To resist Negative bending moment neat at supports.

3: To increase the strenth of RCC slab.

4: Bent Up bar can reduce the amount of steel.

5: When we used Bent up bars in slab is more strong form normal slab.

Bent up bars are actually used for the economization of material. Normally, for fixed ended Slabs positive (sagging) moments are present at the mid span and negative (hogging) moments at the supports.


Note: Bent Bars are provided at the top portion of the supports

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Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai


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