what is Bar Bending Schedule? and Its Advantages in Civil Engineering


Hello Friends , In this article I will discuss that What is Bar Bending Schedule ( BBS ) and Advantages of Bar Bending Schedule. So after reading this article you are able to lean about Bar Bending Schedule and also its advantages. Let’s get start.

what is Bar Bending Schedule 

Bar Bending Schedule ( BBS ) provides steel calculation and cutting length , bending length for reinforcement. In Bar Bending Schedule we can easily get the length of bar, types of bend for steel bars, and as well as we can get the weigh of steel which are required for construction works.

Advantages of Bar Bending Schedule ( BBS ) 

1: Bar Bending Schedule is used to find weigh of steel for construction project.

2: Its use to find the bending length for different shapes of steel.

3:  It provides benchmarks for quantity and quality requirements for reinforcement and concrete works.

4: we can increase in decrease the length of bar any time.

5: we are able to find the cost of reinforcement.

6: We can find quantity of reinforcement to be used is calculated using engineering formulas and standard codes.

7: In Bar Bending Schedule we can do modification of any steel structure easily.

8: Its also provide the size of bar and No’s of bar for steel reinforcement.

9: Its also use to show the spacing between main bar and distribution bars.

10: its shows us the different shapes of bar with their length.

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Written by : Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai


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