Different shapes area formulas, Different surface area formulas, How to calculate land area at site

In this article today we will discuss about the different surface area formals with their image. and this article treading is too much important for all civil engineers students. because we have the different surface shape and their area formulas are changed from each other. so after reading this article you will be able to find the different surface area with the help of given formulas.

What is Area?

In civil engineering area can be defined as the amount of  2 dimensional space taken up by an object. In civil engineering the finding area is too much important things. Because the civil engineers should be calculate the area of different projects like building , framing , architecture, dames construction , road etc. after the area calculation they are able to design their project with the help of that area. in civil engineering the area can be find with the help of different shapes like traverse which can we can make in triangulation survey. For those shapes we have different formulas to find out the area of different figure or shapes.

Mostly in civil engineering area calculation is important for construction works , Like area of paint (white washing) to make house plane , Area of plaster for wall and specific use for the quantity survey of materials . because if we do not have area surface than we are not able to find out the volume of any object .

Different Surface Area Formula

1: Area of Square shape =  S2   ,  where S = Side 

2: Area of rectangle   = a x b  ,   where b = base and h = height

3:  Area of parallelogram = b x h    ,  where b = base and h = vertical height

4: Area of trapezoid =  (1/2) * (a + b) * h,         where a =base 1, b = base 2, and h = vertical height   

5:  Area of Circle = pi r 2       ,            where r = radius  

6: Area of Triangle =  (1/2) b h       ,      where b = base and h = height

7: Area of Ellipse  =  pi r1 r2      ,               Where   1 = radius of major axis and 2 = area of minor axis

8: Area of regular polygon = (1/2) n sin(360°/n) S

If the  n = # of sides and S = length from center to a corner than we have to use the above formula.

For Irregular shape we use the Heron’s formula to find out the area of surface

Area of Irregular shape = A =   √s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)] when s = (a+b+c)/2

Here , Here is     S  = a + b + c / 2           Here is in given figure.


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The heron’s formula discover b the Alexandria. and he was the Greek mathematics engineers. and he proved the heron’s formula to find out the are of triangle using the three (3) sides length. therefore we are able to use this formula for any irregular shapes which has more traverse in the triangulation survey.

The heron’s formula is too much important for civil engineers to find out the irregular shape area. because in civil engineering land survey we make a lot of triangle in in the land and we divide it in the different traverses. So those traverse area can be find with the help of heron’s formula. But here in heron’s formula we do not  have to rely on the formula for area that uses base and height . so we just use the above formula which is in the picture.



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